Travel, Tourism, and Your Carbon Footprint

The relationship between travel, tourism, and climate change is complex, particularly since both travel and tourism are expected to grow so significantly in coming decades as a billion more people join the global middle class. Not to mention people rushing around the world as part of so-called "Extinction Tourism," anxious to see sights and species before they disappear as a result of climate change (or other impacts). 


You can explore the broader topic of travel and climate change through the Tourism and Travel Sector Index Entry attached to this thought as a Parent Thought. 


We're organizing a few materials specific to the topic of individual action when it comes to travel and tourism as Jump Thoughts to the left for your exploration. We've also linked to the relatively new Flight Shaming Index Entry. It's fascinating to see how quickly the #flightshaming hashtag has taken off. If you click on that thought you'll see you can further explore the topic of "shaming" as a climate change mitigation strategy.