Diet and Your Carbon Footprint

The topic of "diet and your carbon footprint" has gotten a huge amount of attention in recent years. Unfortunately, it's a hugely complicated topic. It's not accurate, for example, to suggest that the literature universally supports the idea of "ending meat consumption." One branch of that conversation, for example, suggests that cattle grazing (and having a market for the beef) is critical to large scale soil carbon sequestration. Another suggests that the carbon footprint associated with the large-scale replacing of all the vitamins and minerals currently associated with an omnivorous diet is far larger than generally assumed.  


The topic is so complicated that we're hesitant to provide any one-size-fits-all recommendations based on the literature. But we have made that literature a lot easier for you to explore. You can explore the larger topic of Diet and Climate Change through the its Index Entry attached to this thought as a Parent Thought.  


Linked as Jump Thoughts to this thought are materials specific to individual decision-making around diet. Even then, the materials linked to here are just a small part of the materials available in the Climate Web. If you're willing to spend a few minutes coming up to speed on how to navigate the Climate Web (starting with the HELP and FAQS thought at the top of your screen) you can dig much more deeply into the topic.